Robert T. Schlaudecker

Erie, PA


A little about me: Founded the Memory Café in Erie Pa in March of this year. Our host is a Unitarian church. We are open twice a month 1st and 3rd Thursdays. I recently retired as founder and director of a homeless day shelter'

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"I've tried mailngs to churches, agencies, small ads in our senior news, a few articles in our paper, posters in the libraries and senior residences. We're getting just a few at each session. This is enough to keep us going but it is frustrating. For…"
"In Erie, we make an effort to go light on sugar, but that's about it. Food is only available for a few moments, and caregivers seem to understand what their charge can eat. The rest of us are responsible for our food intake. All of our snacks are do…"
"Hi: We've been in business for 7 months now, and our sessions of 2 hours include 6 basic activities: Casual conversation, moderated conversation on a topic, snacks, crafts, a singalong, and a miscellaneous 15-25 minute period of old movies and radio…"
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