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Resources For Finding Local Activities

Hi All,

I'm curious how people in your area find local activities--things that get them out of the house and engaging with their communities.  Here in the San Francisco Bay Area there's no single resource that's useful for care partners aging in plac

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1 Reply · Reply by Angela Meyers Mar 1, 2018

Connecting Minnesota Memory Cafes

Hello all,

A member of my team recently asked me if I knew of any memory cafes in/near Lakeville, Minnesota, USA and I realized I had no way of getting that information. Consequently, I had the idea of creating a directory of memory cafés in Minnesota

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2 Replies · Reply by Beth Soltzberg Nov 18, 2017

A book on on caring for a loved one with Dementia

My name is Adam Sibley and I have written a book based on my experiences of caring for my mum with early onset dementia when I was 28 and my mum was 51. It has become an Amazon Bestseller, it has been featured in the Independent and Telegraph newspap

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Welcoming people with intellectual or developmental disabilities

Hello all,

I'm working with our Department of Developmental Services to support the development of cafés that are inclusive of people living with dementia who also have ID/DD.  Has anyone had experience with a memory café that has worked to include th

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2 Replies · Reply by Patricia Geggatt Midurski Nov 15, 2017

Health Cafe Snack Ideas

I am interested in what everyone offers for snacks at their cafes. It would be my choice to serve healthy foods and fruit is definitely in the plan. Our cafe meets at 9:30 a.m. and folks generally prefer a muffin, scone or fruit bread with their morn

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1 Reply · Reply by Robert T. Schlaudecker Oct 23, 2015

Who's interested in Leader Conference Calls monthly?

Fellow Memory Catalyst Leaders,

After working with a local team to develop a model we can use to roll out multiple Cafes in San Diego, we now have six scheduled venues, and over a dozen more sites asking to host Cafes. Now I'd like to learn what I can

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1 Reply · Reply by Debora Tingley Mar 30, 2015

How to get the word out to families - ideas?

Hello all,

Our café has been running since March, and the people who come love it.  But the core group are folks who already knew JF&CS through other programs or who are the adventuresome types!  And they are wonderful, but it's been difficult to brin

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3 Replies · Reply by Debora Tingley Mar 7, 2018

Activities at Memory Cafés

One of our members is starting a memory café and looking for input on what activities have been successful or unsuccessful for other cafés. Any suggestions/advice?

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9 Replies · Reply by Debora Tingley Mar 7, 2018
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