Hello all,

Our café has been running since March, and the people who come love it.  But the core group are folks who already knew JF&CS through other programs or who are the adventuresome types!  And they are wonderful, but it's been difficult to bring in a wider circle of guests.  I'd really like to reach people who are more isolated and most need to connect with others through a café.  So far, I've been reaching out to providers, support group facilitators, etc,, and also trying to spread the word through cable TV shows and local papers, where I can describe the café in greater detail. 

I'd love any responses to these two questions:

- Have you found any great approaches for getting the word out?

- How long did it take for your café to establish solid attendance, and how many guests do you usually get?

Thanks so much!


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  • I've tried mailngs to churches, agencies, small ads in our senior news, a few articles in our paper, posters in the libraries and senior residences. We're getting just a few at each session. This is enough to keep us going but it is frustrating. Fortunately ours isn't   a numbers game. Hang in there. We've been open for 8 months. Tomorrow I'm going to make a pitch at a meeting sponsored by the local Alzheimer's Assn.


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