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A member of my team recently asked me if I knew of any memory cafes in/near Lakeville, Minnesota, USA and I realized I had no way of getting that information. Consequently, I had the idea of creating a directory of memory cafés in Minnesota. Our supporting organization ACT on Alzheimer's is unable to start and maintain one at the moment. However, they referred me to where I disappointingly found only two memory cafes listed. However, this seems to be the most logical place for MN memory cafés to add their information. I think it is important for us to know of each other so that we can refer people to the resource closest to them. I contacted the website to ask them to add the St. Paul Neighborhoods Memory Café (which meets at Carondelet Village) and would like to urge all other hosts of Memory Cafes to do likewise. 

If you host a memory café in Minnesota, and we have not yet connected, please reach out to me at In order to create dementia-friendly communities, we need to work together. Lets be informed of each other so we can learn from each other and support one another to better serve our communities.

Also...beyond having a directory for MN cafes, there is a national registry of memory cafes here: we should also register ourselves on this site.

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  • Agnes, in Massachusetts we have a statewide directory run by Jewish Family & Children's Service that is very helpful for referrals and for those starting new cafes: It is not that much work to maintain, beyond the initial design work. The biggest challenge is making sure that "cafe people" all across the state know about it, and keep their entries current. 


  • I would like to add that there is another website now keeping a registry of cafes nationally:

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