A book on on caring for a loved one with Dementia

My name is Adam Sibley and I have written a book based on my experiences of caring for my mum with early onset dementia when I was 28 and my mum was 51. It has become an Amazon Bestseller, it has been featured in the Independent and Telegraph newspapers here in the UK and been reviewed by many, including the Prime Minister and the NHS:

“I found Adam’s account of his experiences in caring for his mum very moving. He seems an extraordinary young man who has accomplished a great deal” - David Cameron, Prime Minister

“An Unbreakable Bond is a wonderful compassionate book about loving and caring for someone with a young on-set dementia. Adam Sibley has written a completely selfless account of his journey with his mother June who sadly died aged only 54; she was 51 when she was diagnosed. As a young adult Adam learnt an enormous amount about the complexities of looking after his mother. Thankfully he has written it all down to be shared not only with family members and carers but professionals too. I highly recommend this inspirational book, it is full of invaluable advice, and may be the only book you need when caring for someone with a dementia.” - Allison O'Kelly, NHS

You can find out more about the book here:


I just want to get this book in to the hands of as many people as possible so that I can honour my mum's legacy and have our story help as many people as possible. I would love it if you could pick up a copy and tell anyone you know about it.

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